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Jack and Jill
“The value of early childhood education can never be underestimated. In today’s fast paced society and the heavy
emphasis on student success, preschool programs, no doubt, provide a wonderful stepping stone in helping young children
learn fundamental academic and social skills necessary to be successful in school. Early childhood programs also benefit
parents in knowing that their child is gaining the confidence needed to transition from their safe home environment to a
school environment. Today’s youth need to learn resiliency, team work, co-operation, responsibility, and set skill work to
compete with the challenges they will  face in the world. As a retired educator with over 38 and half years in education
and now as an adjunct faculty member at the college level, I can sight numerous examples how the students who have
crossed my educational path have been helped by some type of preschool program as well as supportive parents. The
investment in early childhood is worth  the future of America, as it will be our young who will shape the America  of  

Gloria Bowman, retired administrator, counselor, teacher
Adjunct Faculty- Marywood University
"Thank you for sharing your lives with my children. We have been blessed to attend Jack and jill with all 3 of our kids,
you've gotten them prepared to start their elementary years with confidence."

Love, Lori Stubits
"It was great getting to know all of you. I am very pleased with Abby's experience over the past two years! She loved
preschool and you really made a difference in getting her ready for kindergarten! I enjoyed being a part of the parent
organization. I will always remember all the great times and fun activities."

Thanks again, Erica Ehrig
"Thank you all so much for all the wonderful things you,ve done for Aidden this year. He loved going to preschool each
and every day, and will truly miss all of you."

Thanks again, The Solt Family
"Thank you, for the past two years, Hannah Has grown so much and we are proud of how much you have helped in that
process. You have been so helpful this past year with everything that has gone on in our lives and for this I am
thankful. Hannah is going to miss all of you, but I know she will never forget her time with you. She loves to play
school with her dolls and picks jobs for all of them just like you do! Thank you for everything !!"

Love, Jen, Todd, and Hannah
Thank you for getting Lindsey ready for "Big School"

"I miss brining tj to preschool. but in a couple more years it will be ashlyn's turn. Thank you so much for being such
great teachers and giving tj such a great head start in his education. He loves going to school. He loves art class and
reading. Can you imagine the little boy who tried talking his way out of coloring in his primary year now loves
drawing and coloring?! I know Ashlyn will love you guys too. She is already showing an interests in learning and
looking at books."

Sarajane Arace
"We just wanted to thank you all for being such wonderful teachers to Jack this last year and a half. He loved
preschool and was always excited to tell me about what job he had and what he learned. I know he will be better off
in kindergarten next year because of Jack and Jill. As you know Jack is a very active child with a strong personality
so learning about the structure of school, following directions, working around others, and listening quietly will surley
help him be successful in the future! So, thank you for developing a love of learning in him. Hopefully you"ll get Lucy
in a few years, too."

Love, Brian, Katy, Jack, and Lucy
To the teachers at Jack and Jill Preschool:

"We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the school, Trevor and all the students at Jack and Jill. We are so
greatful for how you all have been helping Trevor grow and learn. There is a noticable improvement in him since he has
been attending the school."

Heather, Jacob, and Trevor
Mrs Zellner, Mrs. Howells, and Mrs. Miller,

"Thank you for all you do and all you taught our daughter."

Mr and Mrs. Steigerwalt
"Thank you for all you do. Hannah loves all of you very much. She has grown so much since the day she started
preschool. We are proud of her and all of you for getting her to the point were she is okay with being without us."

All our love, Jen and Todd
"My children have been comming here since 2001, all four of my boys and I would not take them any where else they
have learned so much from the teachers and have applied it as they continue to grow..They are my family and I hope
that they will be around a very long time to help others like they have helped mine//God Bless:)"

Sherry Meckes  
"It is going to be very strange for me also since we've been there the last 4 years!! I will miss you ladies more than
you know! Thank you for all you have taught my boys! I highly recommend Jack & Jill! So many great friendships have
been made these past 4 years :)"

Steph Greene
"Shelly its really gonna be tough on us since we have been comming there since 2000 wow long time and now no more
MECKES boys..makes me sad to see my babies grow up but even worse that they won't be going to Jack and Jill. We
love you more than anything and of coarse Mrs Bizip and Mrs. Howells you have all helped make my boys to be the
best!!!! THANK YOU!"

Sherry Meckes  
"I know that my son is benefitting from being at Jack &; Jill Preschool simply by watching his play at home.  He
pretends that he is Mrs. Howells and makes his little sister act out his entire day at school. What an impression this
experience is having on him!"

Autumn Abelovsky
"It is going to be very strange for me also since we've been there the last 4 years!! I will miss you ladies more than
you know! Thank you for all you have taught my boys! I highly recommend Jack & Jill! So many great friendships have
been made these past 4 years :)"

Steph Greene
"Thank you ladies!! Tim and I are both so grateful for such great teachers for tj!! He passed his test and the lady
came out with him said "well he is very smart and charming!" I smiled and thought of my conference with you! I'm glad
I chose jack and Jill to jump start his education! In a couple more years you will be expecting his sister!! She's a little
spit fire but very sweet and lovable and funny, like her older brother! I especially want to thank you for helping tj
during the hard times we had with Ashlyn before she was born, then right after, and then when she went back in the
hospital for those 12 weeks! He handled it well & I know you guys helped!! Thanks again!!"

Sarajane Arace
"Another wonderful year at Jack and Jill! I am beyond impressed at how far Asa has come in the last few months and
I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for working with him and instilling such a love of school and learning in
him! It will be a strange year next year not having any kids at the preschool...if you see me standing on the porch just
shoo me away!"

Kali Andrew
"Mrs. Zellner,  I was just looking through the gallery of photos you and your staff have on your website, and I just
wanted to post on here how absolutely thrilled I have been with your program this year. Having taught preschool, I
know how difficult it is to blend social skill,academics and a lot of times a "growing" period for these young children
and your school manages to do this beautifully! Another aspect that is often times not easy as preschool teachers is to
merge compassion with a bit of much needed discipline at times, and again you and your staff excel at this! Gregory,as
you know, is my fifth child, and believe it or not my fifth different preschool...None of the other preschools (and I
even taught at one) come close to your preschool! Bravo Mrs Zellner and Mrs Jane Howells for a job well done!"

Marade Nacios Williams
" Madelynn enjoys going to school and never has anything negative about school or the teachers...she loves you all and
her friends too. She has learned so much and had come a long way with her behavior and manners since she started i
couldnt thank you enough!! Expect to see my other daughter in your primier class in a couple years!!!"
Kimberly Dietrich
"Aiden has grown so much from being your program. We are forever thankful for your amazing teaching skills,
patience, and compassion!"

Megan Hartly
"Oh, where to begin... 2 years ago I didn't know any of you, and here we are, at a point where you four women are all