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Jack and Jill
230 Iron Street
Lehighton, PA 18235
Mrs. Zellner
Mrs. Howells
Mrs. Miller
Thanks for taking the time to visit
the Jack and Jill Preschool website, I
hope you are enjoying the opportunity
to learn more about the preschool and
all the fun and learning that occurs at
this wonderful place.  I am Shelly
Zellner, and I get to wear two hats
at the preschool because I am both
the director and the teacher of the
pre-k classes.  Juggling both of these
jobs keeps me pretty busy, but I
really enjoy being a part of this
wonderful program.

I strongly believe that childhood is a
sacred time when the foundation of
the people we will become is laid.  It
is our duty as caregivers to nurture,
educate and shelter the children
entrusted in our care.  In my
pre-kindergarten classes the children
have the opportunity to learn and
explore in many different ways.

I am especially proud that it is during
my time as director of the preschool,
I have seen the Jack and Jill
Preschool program grow to provide
children with a strong educational
base, be a positive Christian
environment and to develop the
preschool as a supportive resource
for our families.  By working
together, the preschool and families
can provide this secure environment
for the students.  
I am Jane Howells the teacher of the
primary classes and I manage the
webasite to keep families up to date
on all the wonderful and exciting
adventures here at Jack and Jill
Preschool. My philosophy on education
is that each child is unique and needs
a secure, caring, stimulating
environment in which to learn and
grow, emotionally, intellectually,
physically, and socially. As an educator
I strive to help students meet their
fullest potential by providing an
environment that is safe, stimulating,
and incorporates hands on
experiences for child initiated
exploration and growth.
We believe that volunteer workers
can make a significant contribution to
the Jack and Jill Preschool family by
giving of their time and sharing their
expertise and skills that compliment
our program. Mrs. Miller has been
volunteering at our program for many
years. She reads to the children,
plays with them and helps the
teachers with the daily routines and
activities. The children enjoy her
visits to the preschool and many
times ask when she will be coming
again. We are truly blessed to have
her as a part of the Jack and Jill
Preschool Family.
Student Teachers
From time to time Jack and Jill is
contacted by student teachers who are
earning their degree in early childhood
eduation. Sometimes they visit for
several hours or several weeks,
depending on what is required of the
course they are taking. These individuals
are highly motivated and enthusiastic to
play with the children on their level,
preschoolers love visitors, especially
those intrested in learning about them.
Helping a student teacher see and be
apart ofwhat we do in our classroom,
helps them to be the preschool teachers
of the future.

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