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Family Fun

The Parent Organization is separate from the preschool, and is run completely by the Jack and Jill families. They hold their own meetings, organize their own fundraisers, and decide where that money will be spent. The money that is raised is used to pay for Family Fun Events that are open to all preschool students.

Family Fun Events are held outside of preschool hours and might be activities like: movie night, bowling, roller skating, the Lehighton Halloween parade, a visit to a children's play place, craft night, picnics, 'Preschool Prom' in the spring, refreshments for the Closing Program at the end of term, and many other activities and events.

The Parent's Organization families decide what the activities and events will be for the upcoming term. They plan, direct, set up, and fund the events. There is usually no cost for preschool children to attend these events. The events are a great way to enrich your child's preschool experience, give them the opportunity to meet the children in the other classes, and for families to get to know their child's friends.

Photo by Markus Spiske

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